If you're anything like me your social media feed is filled with overly positive, possibly delusional individuals telling you how great life is.

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I'm not going to do that but I will tell you there is some good news to be had. First off, AAA says that national prices have been falling steadily and the forecast says they will continue to trend down. On November 9th the National Average was at $3.40 and as of (11/14/23) the average is at $3.35 and falling.

Unfortunately we live in Connecticut where the average price is $3.39 a gallon. The goal is to find gas prices that are below the state average and I've identified some of the Danbury locations that fit that bill by using GasBuddy.

This list includes all of the Danbury gas stations that are below the state average of $3.39 :

NOTE: This list does not include BJ's and Costco membership prices. Congratulations to all of you for figuring out you can save money at their pumps.

Budget-Friendly Fuel: Unveiling Danbury's Cheapest Gas Stations Right Now

Look, the gas prices are not ideal right now but I'm reading they are trending down. Connecticut's average price ($3.39) is above the national average ($3.35) but I've found some Danbury deals below CT's average.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

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I'll tell you what would have been super convenient, if the prices came way down like a month ago that way we'd be in better shape heading into Christmas and the New Year.

P.S. This price shopping is great and all but you could take your life in your hands trying to get gas at one of Danbury's cheaper stations. If the price is any good at all, there is a traffic jam in the lot and out into the street. That line is always made worse by the customer who has 8 gas tanks in the back of their truck who believes they are entitled to all the gas. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

CT Got on the UFO Map in 1987 When 200 People Reported Something Strange in the Sky

In the 1980's, New York's Hudson Valley was a magnet for UFOs. I should rephrase for the non-believers, the Hudson Valley was home to thousands of reports of unidentified flying objects. This trend wasn't just taking place in New York, Connecticut also had it's fair share of incidents with the most notable coming in 1987. What you're about to read really happened here in CT and it terrified hundreds of people who were left wondering what they had seen.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

Halloween in Danbury Is Summed Up in 3 Words: Deer Hill Avenue

Each year, a sea of Hat City residents descend on Deer Hill Avenue to celebrate Halloween. I don't know when it started but this tradition is one people wait for all year. This year, just like last and the one before, my wife Erica and I took our daughter Vida up and down the street to collect candy and memories. 

Gallery Credit: Louis Milano

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