It's been a school year like no other due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools open, close, go to hybrid learning, and now Brookfield schools are getting ready to open up full time.

Back in late October, the Brookfield Public Schools went from their hybrid model to an all remote learning schedule due to 14 different cases of people associated with the school district testing positive for COVID-19.

Now, accordance with state guidance, the school is set to go back to the hybrid schedule starting today, (Nov. 5), and then on Monday the school district is set to do something that they haven't been able to do since back in early March, that's open the school and welcome all students back full time, Monday through Friday.

The schedule change was announced through an email sent to faculty, staff, and families earlier this week by superintendent, John Barile, who also informed the school community that the full day schedule will only apply to students in kindergarten through the eighth grade. Brookfield High School will remain on the hybrid system for the time being.

It may seem strange that at a time when the virus is escalating in the area, and a record number of cases are being reported, the school would go back to in-class learning starting Monday.  According to, Superintendent Barile also assured parents in the email that the school district would be very transparent and react quickly to any new COVID-19 cases.

We will continue to monitor the health data trends all week as we prepare for our return. Should a drastic change of the health trend data move in the wrong direction, we will be in touch with any changes to our plans.

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