First the good news, police divers have found Asian Clams NOT Zebra Mussels beneath the waters of Candlewood Lake.

According to the Candlewood Lake Authority, Brookfield Police scuba divers were practicing cold water training dives last weekend and were also investigating a report of zebra mussels in the lake. These pesky little suckers can profoundly change a lake's ecosystem forever. They can also attach themselves to the undersides of any hard surfaces like boat hulls and clog water intakes on engines. What the Brookfield Police Scuba Team found instead of Zebra mussels were Asian clams, which are not dangerous to lake water.

Photo Credit - Candlewood
Photo Credit - Candlewood

The bad news is that back in November of 2016, adult zebra mussels were found near the pipe that carries water into and out of the lake at the Rocky River Power Station. They were removed immediately. There has been no other sightings of zebra mussels in Candlewood Lake since then. Unfortunately both Lake Zoar and Lake Lillinonah are already infected with Zebra mussels. To find out how to fight the spread of these lake sucking mollusks, click on my blog from June of 2015.

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