Devastation hit our area on May 15th. More recovery is still needed and being cautious when you're out and about is still incredibly important.

Many areas of Connecticut were hard hit by the tornado and macro burst that touched down in the middle of May. To drive around is to see remnants of tree destruction, damage to homes, and in many cases, trees still on the verge of falling. Certainly people want to get on with their lives the best they can. For many that means out door activities. But dangers are still out there. Please heed this warning.

It's important to note that the Still River Greenway in Brookfield is currently closed because of the damage the storm caused. Caution tape was put up early on, but in many instances residents are ignoring it, so the Brookfield Police Department have taken to their Facebook page to get the warning out.

Come on, people, you know the storm took its toll. Don't risk injury or worse for a nice walk. Let the work continue to make the trail safe again, stay off of it until the powers that be deem it safe. All you have to drive around and see that our area is far from fully recovered.

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