It's that time of the year for local farmers to offer the freshest produce and more every Friday at the Brookfield Farmers Market.

After having limited hours last year due to the pandemic, the Brookfield Farmers Market will return full time this year.

According to, the market will be held right behind the Brookfield Town Hall at 100 Pocono Road and will be open every Friday, starting this Friday, and continuing through October 22.

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All in all there will be 21 vendors at the Farmers Market each week. If you've ever been to the Farmers Market in Brookfield, then you know you can pick up things like fresh produce, local meats, all kinds of dairy products, local jams, baked breads and pastries and many other products including crafts as well from a number of different merchants.

Local farms who will be participating in this year's Farmers Market will be Kimberly Farms, Mitchel Farms, Nature View Farm, Wave Hill Breads, Marlene's Ariston Products plus other vendors like Silverdust Studios who specializes in handcrafted soap, candles, and folk art and crafts. Doggylicious who create all natural healthy treats for dogs and cats. From Dirt To Flowers from Fat Hen Farms located right in New Milford offering fresh cut flowers, and many more vendors there each week.

Also back this year are the Concerts in the Park which start every Friday night right after the Farmers Market. The concerts are held at the Town Hall Bandstand also located at 100 Pocono Road. Each week there will be a different musical theme performed by local favorites like Dan's Garage Band, The Mighty Ploughboys, Goldrush and Eight To The Bar. Concerts are scheduled to start at 6:30 PM which will be immediately following the Farmers Market.

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