According to the CT Post, police say a 4 p.m. Easter Sunday car crash in Brookfield has left the driver with serious, life-threatening injuries. The crash occurred just North of Exit 12 and state authorities are seeking information from anyone who may have witnessed the wreck.

If you saw anything you are encouraged to contact State Trooper John Acampora at John

I hope the driver will be OK. If you pair the description of the person's condition with the fact that police are looking to determine how the wreck happened it sounds like they have not been able to communicate with the driver.

These cars are scary business. We all have a giant responsibility when behind the wheel. It's easy to forget sometimes how dangerous it is to be the operator or passenger of a motor vehicle. If you have been driving long enough, especially the same route over and over for years, you can get a little to relaxed behind the wheel.

All it takes for a reminder is a close call. I'll tell you what is scary is being in high speed volume on the highway. When the road is moving and full, you can get alarmed in a hurry. You what I'd like to see less of is the tractor trailers that sway in and out their lane or the driver who sticks their nude foot out the window. That's just unsavory I tell ya. It's a jungle on the roads. Stay safe y'all.

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