Maybe it's just me, but did you notice throughout the Memorial Day Weekend that nearly every broadcaster on every Connecticut television and radio station called Memorial Day 'The Unofficial Start of Summer'.

Holiday weekends are when the part timers of Connecticut radio and tv get their moment in the sun to anchor drive time broadcasts, but it sounded like they all used the same cheat sheet to me. Every single news and sports reporter, forecaster, or personality let the phrase "Unofficial start of Summer" fall out of their mouths at some point of their presentation.

NBC Connecticut was littered with "Unofficial Start of Summer" references on Saturday morning, so I switched over to WFSB Channel 3, and within a minute heard "Hope you're enjoying this Unofficial Start of Summer'. I looked at my wife, and switched over to Fox 61, and heard it again, honest to God, within a minute. This can't be happening, I thought, but it was. I put it to the test, surely WTNH and News 12 broadcasters didn't get the memo that was sent to our Hartford stations, right? Wrong, I heard "Unofficial Start of Summer" on both within minutes of flipping. It wasn't just tv stations either, every radio host said "Unofficial Start of Summer" too.

Broadcasters of Connecticut, have you forgotten how to say Memorial Day Weekend on it's own? Did every one of you try to start an argument over when "The Official Start of Summer" is with us? I think we're all in agreement that "The Official Start of Summer" is THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER, right? That's June 20, 2024.

I'm unofficially done with this observation now, carry on.

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