According to The Express out of the UK, prisoner Jack Swarz has proposed that inmates be given sex dolls to lower stress and curb violence at penitentiaries. Swarz is serving 17 years for drug charges. He adds that the prisoners should be awarded dates with the dolls for good behavior.

I have to agree with him on several things. Prisoners having sex dolls would lower stress, curb violence and be a would be a great incentive for them to behave. It would accomplish many things that prison staff and the prisoners themselves would probably like.

But, um, NO. I get that prison sucks, I do. I know we have a lot of prisoners that listen to the show and write us. They all paint a pretty ugly picture but, no. Prison is supposed to be an undesirable place to be. If they started this initiative tomorrow here in the states, my crime spree begins tomorrow here in the states.



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