There is not anything much more horrifying than driving past a fatality.

I know the police have to investigate a crime scene, which often leads to the deceased person's body not being moved, but it's just so heart wrenching to see.

In a story from the city of Bridgeport is looking at a new product designed to shield dead bodies from view of the public. Bridgeport police recently got a demonstration from a company called Stop Rubbernecking, that makes a barrier protection system that shields bodies from view.

The sad and horrifying reality is that often a body will be open to prying eyes, rubberneckers, and even the press for hours on end. According to, Bridgeport started looking into products like this shield, after an incident earlier in 2017 where a teen was killed by police and his body lay in the street for hours afterwards.

Personally I think every police department should invest in this type of shield. I'll never forget the day I was driving to work, stuck in a huge backup on I84. It was due to a fatality, and when we drove by, the person's body was on the side of the road, mostly covered by a white sheet. That sight sticks with me to this day. But a shield that could have been put up very quickly would have given privacy to the person who lost their life, while preserving the scene for investigators.

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