Wallet Hub set out to find the best and worst cities in America for singles and 2021 was not a good year for Bridgeport.

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Just around 50% of the adult population in the U.S. is unmarried, divorced or widowed so there is no shortage of people looking for love. For that half of Americans, dating has never been more challenging when you take into account factors like COVID-19 and the economy.

But, some places are better than others when seeking your soulmate and Bridgeport, CT is on the wrong side of the argument, ranking #111 out of 182 cities considered in the Wallet Hub study.

These were the methods and factors used to compile the list:

  • They considered only America's most populated cities
  • Took into account economic factors like meal costs, movie costs and haircuts to name a few.
  • Examined activities and attractions in each city like movie theaters, amusement parks and zoos.
  • Weighed Dating metrics like available singles in each city.

In the end, Madison, Wisconsin was named the #1 city in America for singles which is weird and unexpected. I feel bad for Bridgeport, this poor city ranks so poorly in studies like this, could it really be that bad of a place to live? That is a real question, when you are done here leave a comment on the Facebook or I-95 Rock Mobile App.

When it comes to dating, I refuse to listen to any single person complain about this era. It has never been easier to make connections with strangers to find love or companionship.

Try dating in 1996 and having to leave the house to meet someone. You are not inside a dating app so the person you approach may be taken or not looking. You'd get a phone number, they were never there so you leave a message and play phone tag.

When I was real young and looking for teenage love, I'd have to take the corded phone, stretch it all the way down the hall, close the door and lie on the floor to have a private conversation.

Save your tears, I cannot listen to it. Today, you can go on an app, search through a laundry list of prospects you like, never have to encounter real face-to-face rejection and you can even share your sexual preferences without shame or worry.

The only complaint I'm willing to listen to is that it's difficult to find actual love because people use the internet to "hookup." But still, cry me a river, if this was available when I was young and single, I would have been floating through this world, coated in joy and oozing unicorn dreams.

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