Franco (Francesco) Milano started for the Brewster Bears Varsity Football team for three years. He'll next play football at Stony Brook University as a member of the Sea Wolves, signing his intent letter early last week in front of his parent's store Kobacker's on Main Street in Brewster.

I caught up with Francesco over the phone and asked him why he thought Stony Brook was the best fit for him, he said :

"I love the fact that it's close to home, they have a great football team, it's a great academic University, they have a good connection with their recruits and a very good team culture."

Photo: Brewster Mama Bears

According to the Patch, Brewster coach, Ed Mulvihill, had this to say about Milano:

He has always been a hard worker both on the field and in the weight room. He is easily one of the best defensive linemen to play at Brewster in the past 50 years.

I mentioned to Franco that this is very high praise considering all the extremely talented athletes that have played his position at Brewster over the years. I asked him what he thought of the coaches quote and he replied:

"Coach Mulvihill is a great coach and I really appreciate everything he's done for me and my family and the whole coaching staff. It means a lot to me, it really does."

I asked him if he wanted to thank anyone for helping him achieve this goal, he said:

"My Mom and Dad, my dad for working me out and telling me to work hard, telling me someone is always coming for my job. I want to thank all my coaches and teammates and I'd also like to thank my good friend and trainer Neil Lauri. He is the reason why I am physically and mentally in the place I am today. He's a great trainer that truly focuses on getting athletes to their peak potential, #NeilFit." 

Yes, Francesco is my cousin, I am very proud of him, as is our entire family. His hard work paid off and that comes from his mother and father.

Photo: Brewster Mama Bears

Francesco obviously paid attention to his mom and dad, listened to his coaches and has already made something of himself at a young age. I'll miss seeing him play on Friday nights in Brewster but there's a bigger game for him on the horizon and we'll all be watching.

Photo: Brewster Mama Bears

It's weird, the last time I looked he was a little kid and now he's the biggest human in the Milano family. Don't tell his friends but we call him "Franny".

I recorded the conversation with Francesco so it would be easier to transcribe, since I have it, here is some of what we never intended to use.

Photo Credit: Kim Milano
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