I follow this guy on Youtube who does the most fascinating video series. His Youtube Channel is called "New England Dashcam."

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All he does is drive all throughout New York and CT with his Dashcam running, he edits together the moments he encounters "bad drivers" and tags it with the town it happened in.

I'm embarrassed to say, I've wasted hours checking out this channel. Not because of the content, it's actually really interesting but I really have a very busy life and there are other things I should be doing.

Brewster, NY recently made the list of new "bad drivers" in a video titled: "Bad Drivers of NY #23." The Brewster moment happens at the 1:45 mark when the driver of the dashcam vehicle was cutoff by someone entering traffic from the gas station across from Brewster Honda and Norm's.

I guess you could make a case that the guy in the dashcam car might have been going too fast for Route 6, 22/Route 202 but I'll leave that to the authorities to sort out.

I must tell you the new phenomena I've encountered on the road that I believe has reached epidemic level. I am really frustrated with people who insist on "letting me in" to traffic from a side street.

I know they are just trying to be nice but they are actually slowing things down and making them more dangerous.

SCENARIO: I'm trying to make a left and enter a main road from a side street, I have a stop sign and there is no traffic light. The person in traffic on the main road is attempting to make a left onto the side street I am on.

In this instance, they have the right of way, they are supposed to make the left in front of me onto the side street while I wait. What they do, instead is try and wave me into traffic.

They inevitably slow the person behind them down, that person veers around them onto the shoulder and I end up in a near miss with them on the main road after making the left I never should have made.

Please people, stop doing this, it's dangerous and wasteful. Make the left in front of me, the person behind you will cruise on to their destination and when it's safe to do so, I'll make my left into traffic.

You are not saving me or you any time.

P.S Katonah and Armonk also made the video countdown. 

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