Every once in awhile someone uses technology to capture the simplest and most wonderful things, the things we all take for granted.

A Youtube user by the name of Christopher Hadin did just that, posting a Youtube video this past Saturday (1/23/21) of the sunrise over Bethel, CT. I promise it's the most worthwhile two minutes you will enjoy online today.

That was a sneaky good time and it is not Christopher's only nature video from his perch somewhere in Bethel. Hadin has tons of sunrise shots in different seasons.

It almost looks like he is gathering these from the same spot, different times of the year to create a master film with all of them edited together. He's also shared a nighttime video as the clouds roll across the moon.

And my favorite is from December 13, 2020, it's a daytime shot of the fog rolling over the hills.

Occasionally, Hadin seems to collect his content outside the boundaries of Bethel, but it's those still camera shots fixed on the horizon that I keep going back to look at. The colors change, not just from season to season, but from week to week.

Youtube/Christopher Hadin
Youtube/Christopher Hadin
Youtube/Christopher Hadin

Thank you Christopher for sharing these with the world. I'm now a subscriber and will be sure to keep checking back to see what else your camera get a hold of.

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