Mayor Mark will check himself in to The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center on Tuesday, August 8 to undergo brain surgery.

According to a NewsTimes article, Mayor Mark will go under the knife to have a benign tumor removed from his brain that's located behind his left ear. Now I really feel bad for not letting him know we were on vacation last week cancelling his weekly Thursday morning show appearance, although had he been listening to the show at any time last week, he would have been aware we were off on vacation.

OK, I agree that last sentence was a bit harsh but the good news is that the Mayor should make a full recovery and told the NewsTimes he expects he'll be back on a limited work schedule within two weeks. The big question is, 'Will this affect his run for mayor and/or his campaign for Governor? Boughton told the NewsTimes that the answer is "no" and that he has competent staffers working on the campaigns while he's on the mend.

I-95 File Photo
I-95 File Photo

Mayor Mark told his doctor he was suffering from dizzy spells and was advised to seek treatment at Danbury Hospital's ER. After further examination, the benign tumor was found to be the size of a lemon and had been growing for years. Dr. Robert Friedlander from the University of Pittsburgh examined Boughton's medical records and x-rays, he recommended the surgery be done right away. All of our thoughts and prayers go out to Mayor Boughton while he's under the knife tomorrow in Pittsburgh. May your surgery be successful and your recovery be quick and speedy!

Just one more thing, do you think Lou and I could get a small slice of that tumor when it's removed? Ya know as a souvenir?!




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