The New York Jets beat the Jacksonville Jaguars yesterday in OT. The Pats lost at home to the Panthers. The Giants are 0-4. The Bills are in 1st place in the AFC East, The Raiders are 2-2. Finally, the Eagles and Rams lead their respective divisions.

This is how the house always wins. You cannot predict pro sports, especially football. There are too many variables. What is with the Pats? Maybe Brady should throw a steak back in his diet. How are the Jags considered a tough opponent now and one that the Jets can beat in overtime.

This season has started out bonkers. One of the most surprising things is watching the Giants start "0 for the year." I'm not big on preseason predictions but everyone had this team making a run in the playoffs and they can't buy a win.

Don't gamble kids, it ruins lives. I mean you could easily see how someone would gamble the rent check on Tom Brady and the Pats scoring a home win in week 4 against the Panthers but that is not how it played out.

OVER/UNDER - Giants wins for the season? I'll set the number at 6 with 12 to go. I'll take the under. 

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