The New York Yankees beat the Oakland A's in the Bronx last night 7-2 and they will advance to the ALDS to take on the Boston Red Sox. Boone's decision to pitch Luis Severino last night drew tons of criticism. Many people wondered whether he looking ahead to Boston and taking an unnecessary gamble.

I am one of those people, in fact I wrote this. It all worked out in the end and now Aaron Boone has his first playoff victory as a manager. Severino went 4 innings with 2 hits and 7 strikeouts. It's an odd statistical line but if you watched it you know he was pitching great. Severino would have likely easily made it through 5 complete innings and maybe even a 6th if not for a throwing error by Miguel Andujar that extended the inning.

Boone's quite the gambler and that's gonna make these playoffs pretty tense for Yankee fans like myself but I am ready to sweat this one out.

Now bring on Boston, LET'S F------ GO!

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