Bon Scott is often remembered for his habits — as tends to be the case when your life is cut short by alcohol — but as one of his former bandmates reminds us in a new interview, the AC/DC singer was also remarkably driven.

"The very first time I met Bon he was a worker, mowing lawns and picking up rubbish. He’d work really hard, fast and efficiently – I thought, ‘Wow, this guy has got direction in his life,'" Rod Yates, who worked with Scott in several early bands, tells Classic Rock Magazine. "You could see he wasn’t your average person, no matter what he did. He also had a sense of humor. He’d be cracking jokes and doing funny things. He worked hard, he was funny, and he had a good sense of ethics."

He also had a different way of looking at the world. "If there was as staircase he wouldn’t walk down the stairs, he’d slide down the bannister. That sense of being a clown stayed with him – it’s one of the main things about AC/DC," added Yates. "He did outrageous things. He was on Countdown dressed as a girl smoking a huge cigarette which looked suspiciously like a joint. Other people would think about it, but they wouldn’t do it."

More than anything, Yates describes an individual with an "intense" approach to everything, whether it was working or partying — and who definitely didn't shy away from the spotlight when his moment came. "He got more and more focused and tired of waiting for success," he recalled. "You ask almost anybody in the music game, ‘What’s the worst thing?’ They’ll say all the waiting."

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