Money is being earmarked for Connecticut to assist in keeping our country safe.

Our state got some good news yesterday in the form of defense and manufacturing. Connecticut's economy has the potential to see a boost in 2018.

The National Defense Authorization Act was approved yesterday by the U.S. Senate and now heads to the President's desk.

In a story from, the newly approved act for 2018 contains billions of dollars for Connecticut. That, in turn, could wind up as great news for the Sub Base in the Groton / New London area, as well as Sikorsky based in Stratford and Pratt and Whitney in East Hartford.

If the President signs the National Defense Authorization Act, then billions of dollars would be rolling into Connecticut's manufacturers of submarines, jet engines and helicopters. After the loss of many large companies in our state, and the downsizing of this manufacturing sector in general, this would be welcome news.

Senator Richard Blumenthal, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said the bill restores the full $1.8 billion for the Columbia class submarine program at Electric Boat in Groton and Rhode Island, while also investing billions in the F-35 joint strike fighter jet program.

Only time will tell how this finalized version of the Act will proceed.

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