Ramp closures, even in the middle of the night on major highways can turn a one hour drive into a nightmare!

It's 10 pm on a Thursday evening, and Mindy and I are driving back from City Winery in the West Village of Manhattan after enjoying one of our favorite folk bands, Eddie From Ohio. The night was beautiful, and we were still basking in the glow of two hours worth of amazing music until we reached the parking garage on the corner of Greenwich and King St., where our car was parked for about six hours. I didn't realize this parking garage was going to slap me for $60. Strike one.

I'm looking forward to an easy going ride up the Henry Hudson Parkway, where it's now 10:30 pm. Isn't it bedtime? Go home, park your car and call it a night, New Yorkers! Does anyone in New York City hit the sack between 9 and 11 pm? Noooo!

Up near the toll bridge, we're now all merging from 4 lanes to 1 lane. Fun! We're having FUN! Timecheck reads it's now 11 pm. Strike two. My Waze GPS App tells me the fastest way to get to New Fairfield is to take the Sawmill River Parkway. Wrong-O Waze-O! We're flagged off the Saw Mill due to parkway construction and begin following detour signs that take us for a scenic tour through Pleasantville and eventually to Bedford. What a pleasant evening's drive. Stike three.

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Finally, we've reached I-84 North and traffic has loosened up, but for cars traveling south, it's a nightmare. You've got your paving delays, ramp closures, detours, and five guys standing around watching one guy work, and if we could get those working spotlights any brighter, maybe I could burn out a retina before I get home.

Oh yeah, those upcoming lane closures according to the Putnam Daily Voice. Click on this link to find out where and when. Sorry, I'm just too damn aggravated to list them for you.


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