The owner of the restaurant, House of Yoshida, is on a mission and looking for help.

Aki Arai knows what it feels like to not have enough food to eat. Arai immigrated to the United States from Japan 22 years ago and told that back then he was very poor.

He currently owns the Bethel restaurant, 'House of Yoshida', and realizes that some people are having a tough go of it because of the Coronavirus, so he's taken matters into his own hands by asking Bethel residents to help raise money for restaurants so that they're able to make meals for hardworking parents who are currently out of work.

Through the restaurant's FB page, Aria invited parents to his restaurant for some pasta and sauce and some ham and cheese. Because of his FB page, the owner of Taproot Restaurant started up a GoFundMe page to pass along donations to various participating restaurants who were interested in cooking up meals. Donations are currently at $11,860.

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