The Bethel PD is doing their part to raise money for the Special Olympics of CT tonight with a Tip-A-Cop Event.

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If you've never been a part of one of these, Tip-A-Cop events are police donating their time at a bar or restaurant and volunteering as servers. All the tips they receive for the evening, goes to the cause. You tip the cop, and the cop passes the money along to the worthwhile cause, in this case Special Olympics CT.

Bethel PD
Bethel PD

The Event is being held at Edison Kitchen at 186 Greenwood Avenue in Bethel from 4-8 pm. Last week, the Bethel Police Department shared the banner above, along with the following message:

"Hello everyone, we would like to invite you to come have dinner at Edison Kitchen! Bethel Police officers will be your Waitresses/servers! Come join the fun and show support for the Special Olympics." 

I realize this is not the sexiest headline or article I've ever written but I believe sometimes I need to use my platform to highlight the good in people, and shine a light on something that actually helps people. I believe this event qualifies.  I spend plenty of time pointing out how much the world sucks, Sometimes I need a break from all of that, we all do. If you support the Special Olympics, the Bethel PD, or both, please share this with a friend.

P.S. To my knowledge, the woman in the photo that I used is not a Bethel Police Officer but she seems like a nice lady who would dedicate her time to such an event. I also don't have too many photos of Bethel Police Officers waiting tables (zero photos).

Female police officer posing with arms crossed against white background

High Definition View From Way Above Bethel

Bethel is a beautiful place to stroll around at street level or to view from above like "basspig" did with their drone, from high above the town.

A Curious Excursion in an Underground Brookfield Tunnel

Recently, I was having a discussion with a friend of mine, I told this person I'd accessed some caves and tunnels in my hometown of Brewster, NY which is just over the NY/CT State Line. He knows how much I love local history, and saw how excited I was about this journey. He told me there was an area of Brookfield, CT that I needed to see, one that most residents have never seen. He told me about a tunnel, one that was not far away from where we were sitting. I made note of the conversation and bookmarked the destination for a future trip. 

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