I do not know Ben Mcadoo personally but based on his decision to bench Eli Manning I can now fill in the blanks. What does this move say about Ben Mcadoo?

  • Ben Mcadoo is stupid - I'll come back to why this move proves he is stupid.
  • Ben Mcadoo is an extremely hard working person - No one ends up in the job he has, with the obvious lack of intelligence he has, without working their tail off.
  • Ben Mcadoo is a "change person" - I've learned that many people are confused about change. It's a certainty that our world will change. In this day and age it changes on a daily basis. This makes people who are not very bright force change in fear that a lack of it (change) will show them for what they are. There are good reasons for change, there is absolutely no good reason for it here.
  • Ben Mcadoo is a self preservation person - He thinks this move can save his job, it cannot. He's done for. He is not a person you want to be standing next to in a survival situation. If it comes down to Ben's life and yours Ben will cut your throat.
  • Ben Mcadoo lacks respect - Let's assume Eli Manning was showing that he is a diminished player. In that case replacing him for what is available on this roster would be a disrespect to Eli. Ben Mcadoo does not care what Eli Manning has done for the NY Giants organization. Eli's accomplishments are irrelevant to Ben. FOR THE RECORD ELI IS ON THE TAIL END OF HIS CAREER BUT NOT SHOWING ANY CHARACTERISTICS OF A DIMINISHED PLAYER PHYSICALLY. This makes it double disrespectful.
  • Ben Mcadoo is not good at evaluating talent - In a league where opportunity windows are very short, Geno Smith has been given more chances than he deserves to prove he belongs. Geno Smith is a serviceable back up QB. He is not a starter in this league.
  • Ben Mcadoo puts no premium on leadership - While Eli Manning is not a vocal leader, he is no question a true leader. It's no secret to anyone that Eli's work ethic is top notch.
  • Ben Mcadoo is easily influenced - I knew this when he changed his hair after being made fun of in the press. This move makes it concrete that Mcadoo is easily swayed. The only motivation I can even imagine for this, is him being influenced by sports talk radio callers. I mean that sincerely, I really think he listens too close to sports talk radio. Sports talk radio, regular callers are morons.  They are reactionary and simple. They see the team losing, they see a man's age increasing and they call to say replace him. Radio stations put those calls through on purpose, so the host can shred the person who brought it up.

Why is Ben Mcadoo stupid? He's replacing a man who is a two time Super Bowl MVP with a QB so bad they ran him out of the Jets organization. Ben Mcadoo WILL be an NFL punchline. It WILL be his legacy because of this and there is nothing he can do after this to change that.



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