Ben Bailey is a world renowned stand-up comedian and the star of the hit TV game show "Cash Cab."

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Cash Cab was a smashing success, with hundreds of episodes that aired on multiple networks. The Emmy Award winning series seemed to have mass appeal, so where did it go? Why was it cancelled?

We're not the only ones asking, Ben Bailey would like to know why. Bailey joined us on the Friday (1/12/24) edition of the I-95 Morning Show and said:

"But yeah, we won daytime Emmys, I won three as host, we won three for the show, it was a pretty awesome run. It still doesn't make sense that it's gone it's like Discovery canceled it and we were like why? Why would you do this? It's very inexpensive and people are still loving it. All in all we did 16 seasons, we did almost 700 episodes or something. The last ones aired in 2020, we had new deals to shoot for a few more years with Bravo and it all dried up and went away during the pandemic." 

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The reason we had the pleasure of chatting with Bailey is because he's in the Hat City as we speak. Bailey is performing at the Danbury Palace Theater on Saturday, January 13th. You can score your tickets on the Palace website or by calling (203)794-9944.

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Listen to our complete discussion with stand-up comedian Ben Bailey below. We talked a lot about Cash Cab, discussed growing up in Morristown, New Jersey and his podcast.

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Fun Fact: Ben Bailey is a real licensed cab driver. I guess you can believe some of what you see on TV.

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