Back in the early 2000's, I briefly moved to Florida in search of sand, surf and warm temperatures.

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The reality did not meet the fantasy I'd built up in my head. In fact, it sucked, all I did was work and I'd pass the beach on my way to work everyday. I found the food lacking, the music scene was awful, the landscape was boring, it turned out it was not for me.

That experience has led me to talk poorly about the State of Florida often on the Ethan and Lou Show and we coined the phrase "Florida you say?" It's a sarcastic reply to hearing that something bad has happened in Florida, a way for me to blame the state as a whole, instead of the individual or individuals responsible.

I actually got bored of making fun of Florida a long time ago but the phrase stuck and so did my opinions of the place. If there is an article, that rates any aspect of the quality of life in the Sunshine State, I know about it in a hurry. I don't seek these stories out, my listeners send them to me.

Such is the case with a new Barstool Sports survey, about the nation's worst drivers where Florida was ranked #1 AKA the worst. My experience with Florida drivers was not all-that bad, but I've not lived there for a long time, maybe it got worse? Either way, the ranking surprised me a bit.

What I was not surprised about was how poorly CT and New York did on the list. CT was ranked the 12th worst driving state and New York was 4th on the list. These rankings were voted on by the Barstool Sports readers.

Barstool Sports
Barstool Sports

I grew up in New York, and I've lived in CT for years now and it's bad out on these roads. Allow me to be more specific, New York is bad, Connecticut is atrocious and Danbury, CT has the worst drivers in America, in my humble opinion.

If you want to see aggressive driving, come to Danbury. If you want to see negligent driving, come to Danbury. If you want to see a child hold the wheel for his mother while she changes her pants, come to Danbury.

Sidewalks are not legal driving surfaces but you wouldn't know that from driving in Danbury. If you can go one day without having a Danbury driver cut you off, that is a good day. Not only do they cut you off but then they beep, and give you the finger. It's an ugly scene out there, and this is coming from someone who loves and defends this city every chance I get.

If Florida is worse than CT, then it's even more of a  hellscape than I thought, just a lawless swamp populated by Mountain Dew addicts.

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