One parent said it felt like a "body blow" when she was given the news.

I had absolutely no idea that visiting with your child in the school lunchroom was even a thing! Parents who have elementary school children attending Darien schools have been told they will no longer be allowed to visit their children during their lunch break. Here's the report.

Why are parents even allowed in their child's school in the first place? Don't the kids need to learn how to interact with other children and their teacher without their mommies and/or daddies around? Parent, Jessica Xu told,

It feel like a punch in the gut. I chose Darien for the schools. I'm so frustrated the schools don't want me there.

It got to the point where so many parents were dropping by to visit their children that it was becoming disruptive. Tara Ochman, the chairman of the Darien Board of Education said in a written statement,

We believe that schools exist for children, and we work to develop the skills necessary for students to

grow into engaged members of society.

According to, Weston schools special education therapist, Kelly Ann Franzese weighed in saying that when parents visit their children at school, some of those kids become upset when their parents have to leave and then It becomes disruptive to the entire school environment.

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