I'd thought I'd seen it all on Reddit but this is a new one.

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While cruising the Danbury, CT Reddit page I saw a post from a user that goes by "ToMuchFunAllegedly" who wrote: "any other Danbury resident get one of these in their mailbox yesterday? I ransom note? A petition? Lol. The possibilities are endless."

The letter reads:

"Dear Governor Ned Lamont

Office of Governor Ned Lamont State Capitol 210 Capitol Avenue Hartford CT. 06106

I am a resident of Danbury CT. I do not want pornography in Danbury CT. 


This leads to so many questions, and checks a lot of my interest boxes so I'll get prepared for a full-scale investigation. Let's start with me, I am a Danbury resident, I've not received this letter, heard anything else about it and I can say with confidence, I did not craft it.

"couldburdad" responded to the post writing "A lot to unpack here. A. What pornography? B. What is Ned Lamont going to do about it? C. Why would this person assume people would just sign this and send it in to the governor?"

Those are great questions, there is no visible pornography in the Hat City that I am aware of. Additionally, Ned doesn't live in Danbury, so placing a letter addressed to him in a random mailbox would be an ineffective way to communicate with him.

If the person papered every mailbox in the City of Danbury, that might create enough of a buzz to get back to Lamont but e-mailing his office is no doubt, a more expedient method.

We should really examine the mailing style we have going here. This screams of hoax, but to what end? We've all seen enough suspenseful movies to know that mailing a letter in this manner screams crazy, or that is what they want us to think. It's got all the cliché nut job indicators like:

  • No return address
  • Block print, taped or glued to the paper
  • Odd spacing

But this is too perfect, it's too crazy and I have some background to lean on here. As a radio host, I've received a ton of snail mail over the years from folks who probably need to "see someone" and this is not the way they do it.

They typically makes reference to an obscure government agency, send handwritten letters in different ink colors, there is often a food stain and the letter always comes with a nonsensical charm in the envelope.

I think this letter was put together by someone who wants us to believe they are unhinged. If they wanted people to care (other than me), they made a few keys mistakes, they were far too vague, made zero threats and appear to have no motive.

The question that is really burning a hole in my brain is where is the so-called "pornography?" If it is a real gripe, I have to know what they think is porn. There is no blatant porn image in the city so we have to look into symbols, pictures or messages that could subjectively be perceived as pornography.

The definition of pornography is:

"printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings."

So, if a person is stimulated by road signs, then Danbury could be the smut capital of the world. Now I'll spend the next three months, looking around the city at everything I see and asking myself, could this stimulate someone? Fascinating stuff.

Please help me narrow the field and ultimately identify the person behind the letter. Send me any/all information you have on this case. Did you get the letter? Have you seen anyone messing with your mailbox? Do you know of a pornographic image in Danbury that I am not aware of? No tip is too weird, no suggestion is too dumb because if we are close-minded, this trail will definitely run cold.

P.S. - Just because I've not heard about any other residents getting this letter, doesn't mean it did not happen, in fact a Reddit user that goes by "ampct" wrote:

"FYI, several people on NextDoor are reporting getting this letter yesterday. Locations were North ST, West ST area, and Franklin ST EXT." 

P.S. #2 - A few people pointed out they believe the letters were made with a label maker. From what we can see, that seems like a solid observation. This may help us narrow down the suspect list because who really has those anymore?

P.S. #3 - No, I do not think actual mental illness is funny, this has the potential to be a fun/funny story to examine. If you read this article, and your instinct is to complain that I'm making light of the suffering of mentally ill individuals, you are a huge problem. If that was your first takeaway, you are what is wrong with our country, you are why we can't move forward, you are why we can't have nice things and YOU are why no one can have any fun, anymore. To the rest of you, sorry for the lecture, these are ridiculous times we live in.

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