In a time when the world is filled with social-media-driven controversy, one of the more head-scratching points of contention over the past few days has come our way in the form of Baby Savings Day at Walmart.

Is it really happening? Does it fall under #FakeNews? So many major media outlets have been reporting on it, and parents all over the internet have been going crazy over stories that Walmart is hosting a baby-centric event on Saturday, Feb. 23, that includes demos, recommendations and huge savings on all things baby. Sounds to me like a thrifty parenting dream come true, so I was excited to write about it, but then I started digging a bit.

The source of the event seems to stem from a single .pdf file that seemingly just lists every Walmart in the continental United States. Outside of the Walmart logo, however, the file doesn't appear to be associated with Walmart or their company website. One outlet in Central New York says that when they diligently reached out to all of their local Walmart stores regarding Baby Savings Day, not a single store manager knew anything about it. They reached out to Walmart's corporate people and received the same answer. BUT THEN, the outlet received word from a third-party marketing company who explained that event specialists will be at Walmart stores with a very limited amount of samples for certain types of baby products and will be featuring a few toys that are on sale.

Aside from that information, there is a Walmart sale going on featuring baby items, but it is going on for the entire month and according to Walmart's website, only appears to be available to online shoppers.

The confusion and sheer uncertainty began to drive me completely insane, so I did what no concerned internet user has seemingly ever done before: I called the Danbury Walmart myself. A risky move, I know, but I got the deep dark answer I was hoping for. There IS a sale on baby items at Danbury's Walmart this Saturday, Feb. 23. The store's assistant manager confirmed the sale, but made it very clear that at this point in time, they were not certain as to the exact sale prices. Here’s a list of some of the items that may be on sale:

  • Car seats
  • Diaper bags
  • Blankets
  • Strollers
  • Clothes
  • Toys
  • Breast Pumps

I hope that my work on this matter helps to alleviate any social angst you may have been experiencing throughout the week as "Walmart Baby Savings-gate" has been unfolding. And even in the event that wires were crossed somewhere along the line, and there isn't a huge, Earth-shattering event in Danbury Saturday, at the very least, you can just log on to to take advantage of the online baby sale.

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