Spin the wheel of douche, read the insults, compare notes and Chris Brown still comes out on top as the world's biggest douche. According to the NY Post comedian Aziz Ansiri went on Saturday Night Live and compared President Trump to singer Chris Brown. Brown then fired back calling Aziz "Alladin." In fact he said: “F–K NO!!!!!! Somebody tell ALADDIN HOP OFF MY D–K!,”

So, you have school yard insults going back and forth and with just a few key strokes Chris Brown comes out as the biggest and best loser in the bunch. In the history of celebrity morons, few have been more moronic than Chris Brown. The guy is a waste of life. He is a serial abuser of women and complete jackass.

Anyone who supports Chris Brown by buying his music, attending one of his shows or going to one of his movies is not only devoid of taste but they too are a douche of epic proportion. Do us all a favor Chris and go away.

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