According to the Daily Mirror, Lahnee Pavlovich of Queensland Australia will "Rate Your Rooster." Lahnee calls herself a sex educator and a life coach and charges just around fifty dollars to rates men's private parts.

Afterwards she delivers what she calls the "Rate Your Rooster Report." The report gives advice on sexual positions and hygiene. Pavlovich also includes a rating of the size and shape of the man's genitals.

The 33 year old Australian says she is always positive but offers honesty above all else. Below is a photo from her Instagram account and an explanation as to why she decided to "rate roosters."

I can only hope the guys taking advantage of this service are under 25 years old. If you are over the age of 25 and don't have a realistic idea of what you have, how it looks and how it rates in the world, you definitely missed a few things along the way.

Also, if you are asking for a "rooster rating," aren't you just insecure enough to be devastated by a bad report? I dunno this has nightmare written all over it.

Does anyone work anymore? Sure she's attractive but back in the day attractive people still had to work. Thanks to Instagram, now they can sit at home collecting $50 bills and staring at an inbox filled with penis all day.

P.S. If it looks like a rooster, you have identified your first problem and should not ask anyone to look at it. Instead, you should see a licensed physician and soon. 

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