According to the NY Postthe apparel world is in shakeup mode with the news that the "Athleisure" trend is coming to an end. What the hell is "Athleisure?" Apparently, it's wearing workout clothes while not working out.

This news is particularly upsetting to me, because I got a new track suit for Christmas and decided this is how I dress now. I'm what is considered a "laggard" by the advertising industry. This is a person who does not run out and buy anything that is new or trending. I wait until things are dead as a door nail and super cheap.

It comes as no surprise to me that the day after I decided to dress like a meth head, the meth head fashion trend comes to an end. I think what I'll do is ignore the news that dressing like a low-level mobster is no longer in style.

The clothes don't make the man, and what NEVER goes out of style is charisma, and I think we all know I have a butt-load of that.

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