Last year, Philadelphia Eagles stud QB Carson Wentz went down with an ACL injury. At the time the team was 11-2 and headed to the playoffs no matter what. We all know what happened next. Backup QB Nick Foles led the team the rest of the way, through the playoffs and won the Super Bowl. They have a statue of the man outside of Lincoln Financial Field.

Fast forward to this year and Wentz goes down with another injury, the Eagles are in the playoffs and Nick Foles is the quarterback again. For arguments sake, Foles leads the team to another Super Bowl win, what the hell do you do now?

According to a CBS article Wentz still remains hopeful he can return this season and Head Coach Doug Pederson says Wentz is the QB when healthy. The Eagles head to Chicago to take on the Bears in the Wild Card round of the playoffs this Sunday and Foles will be the starter.

It just seems like a mess to me, sure it's a great problem to have but IT IS a problem. What if the Eagles make it through to the NFC Championship game and Wentz says he is ready to go? Can you switch back again? What if Foles wins it all again? How can you not make him the man?

I'm repeating myself, I know. I'm repeating what if this happens because if it does, you have an impossible decision on your hands. Oh, did I mention they have a STATUE of the backup quarterback outside the stadium? Wentz has to see it on his way in the building everyday.

The other thing that needs to be looked at closer is winning and being healthy versus winning WHEN you are healthy. Wentz, on paper has everything a coach could want but Foles gives the coach everything he needs, WINS.




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