The Netflix show is called 13 Reasons Why and area schools are concerned because those thirteen reasons are about teen suicide.

According to, the show is about a high school student who commits suicide and leaves 13 letters that explain why she took her life. Danbury school Superintendent, Sal Pascarella told the NewsTimes:

We wanted to give parents the heads up so they are there to talk with kids. We thought it would be a more productive way of viewing instead of just turning something on.

Newtown just became the eighth school district in the area to send letters to parents warning them about the graphic details of the show which explores teen suicide, sexual assault, bullying along with other issues.

What do the experts say? Psychiatrist, Dr. Christine Moutier, is the chief medical officer for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in New York City. She told that she made the decision to allow her 16-year-old daughter to watch 13 Reasons Why, but only if they watched it together and discussed each episode.

On my personal Facebook page, I posed this question, "The Netflix's show 13 Reasons Why is about teen suicide, bullying, etc. Would you let your teen watch this show?"

Most of the comments I received favored the parent(s) watching the show with their teen as a topic of discussion. Here's a comment from Elizabeth:

Yes, my 13 year old daughter and I both watched the show. I found it to be incredibly well written and acted. I am thankful for the timely subject matter as my daughter will be entering high school next year. We've had many conversations while watching and after, which we may not have had otherwise. I think this is an incredibly important book and series.

If you and your teen have been wondering whether it's a good idea to view this Netflix show together, watching the official trailer may help you reach a decision:


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