To quote the great Robert California, "All life is sex and all sex is competition and there are no rules to that game." Truer words were never spoken and if you agree, you know that Howard Baskin is the NY Knicks of both life and sex, in that he is losing.

Howard Baskin is the husband of Carole F------ Baskin from the hit Netflix docu-series "Tiger King." When Howard is not spending his time ignoring speculation and innuendo surrounding the suspicious death of Carole's previous husband, he's fighting her battle with Joe Exotic for her.

I can't help Howard, he's too far gone down a rabbit hole we can never save him from but I can assist you in recognizing your position. Watch Howard, see how he moves, interacts with Carole and look at his unbelievably sad face, do you see you looking back?

If you look at this man and see you, it's time to run far away from your significant other because you are no longer you. You are an extension of someone else's "wants," someone else's desires. What does Howard see when he looks in the mirror, Carole, he sees Carole.

If all life is sex and all sex is competition, where are you in the standings? Do you have the power to say I won't spend my life fighting with a gun toting zoo owner with three husbands who likes to party? Can you say no I won't? Can you say I want to learn take Zumba, start a book club and meet my friends for ice cream?

Meditate on that, let in marinate in your dome piece and tell me I just didn't blow your mind and actually make you rethink your relationships.

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