Whenever my kids bring up a video game, first my eyes glaze over and I start tuning out. The second thing I have to do is snap myself out of that and investigate to make sure it's OK for them to play. Today I decided to finally launch that investigation.

I Google'd it and downloaded the app, this is what I have learned:

  • I am now on a waiting list for a game. This is strike one, two and three. I then deleted the app, I wait for no one.
  • I think it costs money, again I did not get too far with caring about payment because, AGAIN, I wait for no one. I would not have paid for it even if I had made it past the first obstacle.
  • Wikipedia says it's a co-op sandbox survival game. Now I don't know what in the hell is going on. This is not a sentence that makes any sense to my brain. I can probably make guesses about that. This means I play against others in a shared space and try not to get killed?
  • Wikipedia also says the setting is Earth
  • Wikipedia tells me that most of the Earth's population in this scenario have been wiped out by storms and the remainder of humanity has to fight off "zombie like creatures."
  • There are guns, traps and missions to accomplish with your teammates according to everything I read.
  • I went to Youtube and checked out a  video and there is a moron playing the game and this is what THAT looks like:

So, this is what we know

Based on the little I know after my 5 minutes of research I can say this:

  • The game's graphics are lame for today's technology. This is a double edged sword. Bad graphics are bad because they are not good. Bad graphics also happen to be good in that the kids don't see gratuitous violence.
  • Everyone has too much time on their hands. "Idle hands are the devils playthings" they say. I believe that. We are WAY in need of activity and video games are not the way. I'm not judging, just sayin.' Also I am judging and saying.
  • I have a hard time relating to today's youth. This is a huge understatement actually. I just don't F------ get them. I wanted to play ball and talk to girls when I was young. I still want to play ball and talk to girls.
  • The game was released July of 2017. That is a short period of time for this thing to be as big as it is. It's HUGE according to CNBC. This suggests to me it will flame out just as fast as it got popular.
  • People are getting addicted to it. In fact, the NBA's leading rebounder Andre Drummond told the Bleacher Report recently that HIS addiction to the game almost ruined his life.

Are you addicted to it? Do you know someone who is? We want to talk to them tomorrow on the Ethan and Lou show. You can call, they can call but CALL the show tomorrow at 203-775-9595. We will stage an intervention live on the CT's favorite stupid show.

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