I came upon a post in the Putnam Daily Voice about boycotting Yankee games because of the high ticket prices. Then, I began investigating.

The article I refer to is about Somers, NY resident, Mike DeLucia, who's written a book titled, Boycott the Yankees: A Call to Action by a Lifelong Yankees Fan. The book is generally about how the Yankees have raised ticket prices through the years without regards to their fans. Their one purpose is to make as much money as humanly possible.

You tell me, are tickets to a New York Yankee's game outrageous? Obviously, where you sit in the ballpark determines the cost of your ticket, so I navigated to the Yankees website to check ticket prices. Here's what I found:


I found out that all I can pretty much afford were tickets to the bleachers, which averaged $17 to $22. I clicked on a Friday night game against the Orioles in August to check what seats would be available, and the cost of the seats. Here's what I found:

Delta Sky360 Seating - $500 ea.

Field Seating - (Two sections back from homeplate) - $300 ea.

Main Seating - (Section 223 -Row 11) - $115 ea.

Standard Seating - (Mainly seats in the outfield) - $60 ea.

If you're making between $200,000 and $300,000 a year, taking the family to a Yankee game and sitting in field level seats is no biggie. A family of four purchasing field level box seats averages around $800 for the tickets, $25 for parking, $7.75 per beer, so four beers equals $31. Then, with food, you're looking at a total of $892 for a family if you wanna go big!

Fortune.com came in much lower, but they didn't itemize. They estimated it would cost $220 for a family of four to take in a Yankee game. Personally, I think that number is way low. My problem is that if I'm going to see the Mets or Yankees, I want to be close to the action. Unfortunately I really can't afford to sit in field level box seats. The reality is, it's my issue not the Yankees issue. Supply and demand baby! Even though the Yankees are barely hitting .500, they have the 5th highest attendance record out of 30 ball clubs so far this year.

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