According to the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, a bobcat came out of nowhere during a Wilderness School outing at Selden Neck Island in Selden Neck State Park in Lyme, Connecticut, and attacked a camp counselor.

According to, deep in the heart of Lyme, Connecticut, a group of wilderness camp counselors faced an unexpected and ferocious encounter with nature. Three brave individuals from Selden Neck Wilderness School stood against a bobcat that had wandered into their campsite.

The animal attacked the victim while getting some shut-eye in a hammock. Three other adult counselors who saw the attack raced over and quickly killed the bobcat. Deputy Commissioner Michael Williams told NBC Connecticut, "Due to their courageous and outstanding efforts, the safety of the youth was maintained, and they were not harmed,” So, are bobcats yet another wild animal we need to fear? Your answers lie inside the following photo gallery.

Bobcats in Connecticut: Are They Coming to Get Us?

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