He was in the area for Kim Kardashian's appearance on Saturday Night Live, and spent some time on a 80-acre farm in New Canaan.

So just why was Kanye taking a tour of this large farm that also calls itself a cultural and humanitarian center? Speculation has it that it could be that he's considering the location for an upcoming Sunday Service experience, which he's done at various locations around the world. Others are thinking he might be checking out the place for the Donda Academy that he plans to build in honor of his mother.

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An Instagram post showed that Kanye West was at Grace Farms in New Canaan. According to the website, the farm is run by the Grace Farm Foundation, which offers several activities for the local community that include things from bird watching, to holding religious services and courses.

The folks at page6.com are hedging their bets that the rapper was there to scout out a possible location for the Donda Academy.

The farm is also home to the "River Building", which was designed by a Kanye West favorite, the Tokyo based Sanaa architectural firm. Here's a look at the evolution of the "River Building" from start to finish.

Though we may never know for sure why Kanye made the trip to Grace Farm, the one constant in all this is that the reason for the visit did coincide with Kim's appearance on Saturday Night Live. Kim even featured some Kanye mentions in her monolog on SNL.

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