Ambient seismic noise, vibrations and air pollution have all reduced on Planet Earth due to most of the world being home. According to The Weather Channel, massive reductions in human activity have lowered the volume on the hum we create around the planet with cars and machines. Our movements put pressure on the Earth's crust causing it to vibrate, creating an ambient noise that blocks out the Earth's natural vibrations.

This can only be a good thing, let's hear what mother Earth has to say, let the woman breathe y'all. If we lower our frigging volume we might also be able to pick up other frequencies we may be blocking out from you know where, aliens man.

I am glad science is here to confirm what I suspected because this noise reduction is so stark we can hear it. You want to experience something like you never have before? Get up at 3 am and go out in your front yard. It's eerie how quiet it has been at this time of morning.

I've been getting up in the middle of the night for years to go to work and while it's obviously more quiet than your average commute time, the noise of the Earth is evident and right now, the lack of noise is even more startling. I'm pretty sure I picked up a conversation in Montana this morning with my ears and if what I heard is true, Gary is a real A-hole.

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