Twitter has been buzzing with customers claiming Amazon Customer Service reps have been attempting to flirt with them over the phone. A Tweet from Roxana got the ball rolling.

"Not the Amazon Customer Service guy legit flirting with me LOOOOOL." I don't care for the fifty five some odd O's she used in what should have been LOL. LOL is laugh out loud, so what she was expressing was laugh out out out out out loud. That makes no sense, but others understood Roxana and believed that, they too, have had an Amazon Customer Service Representative flirt with them.

Suz responded to Roxana claiming her own experience.

She wrote "DUDE I swear this happened to me last year. I think it's because I had to email them something and my pic was attached to my email account. Well doesn't Suz think a bunch of the way she looks in "pics" DUDE. Screen name: Astrology whore was the next to react.

She said they were actually in love, I might be in love with her because of her screen name. You just can never know when and where love will find you.

What I'd like to know from Suz and the many people who reacted poorly to the Amazon reps allegedly flirting with them is, who do you think you are? Can Amazon Customer service reps not be good looking? Fun to be around? Worthy of your love?

It's not the sexiest job title in the world, but you never know, give them a shot. I'll tell you what they definitely have going for them that works wonders in a relationship, patience. They need tons of patients to survive their day. They are probably also pretty great at diffusing heated situations.

Let's not sell the Amazon folks short, they could be amazing partners.

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