After Mayor Mark learned Amazon bowed out of their New York deal, guess what he did?

Mayor Mark Boughton, after hearing that Amazon called off their New York City deal, took to the city's social media outlets to say, "Is it wrong to dream?" The mayor then went into the vaults and resurrected his original pitch to Amazon.

To his original pitch, the mayor added, "Hey Amazon, we heard you were back on the market, will you be our Valentine?" He reminded the mega-company that Danbury was named the best city in Connecticut to do business and the second best place to live in the United States.  

Amazon recently retracted their NYC offer because of contentious protests from local officials and activists who were extremely unhappy about the $3 billion incentive package that Amazon was going to receive for the project. Let's suppose that Amazon decided to build a ginormous complex In Danbury, where in Danbury should it go?


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