If I didn't see it, I would not have believed it.

These days those doorbell cams can really reveal a lot of what's happening at your home and in your yard. If it wasn't for this particular doorbell cam, we probably would never have seen something that you really don't see all that often.

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Here's just what the video revealed.

Two pigs in their pen at a home in New Milford had to jump into action recently as a black bear invaded their space.

Fortunately for all of us the scary event was captured on video, and the owner of the pigs, Kevin David was able to share the video with WTNH.

According to Kevin, the pigs are doing fine after the altercation, and there is some speculation that the bear that invaded was just a cub.

The heroic pigs are named Hammy and Mary, and according to the owner, Hammy was the one who jumped into action and kind of put the bear in his place. Also from the looks of the video, it doesn't seem like the bear is trying to attack the pigs, but was actually trying to get in on some of what the pigs had been digging for.

So just out of curiosity I was interested in seeing if black bears will attack or even kill a pig for food. Here's what I found out:

The American black bear is a large omnivore, and while they typically scavenge for easy food sources, they will prey on other animals when the right opportunity presents itself, like in this case in New Milford. Pigs are prey animals for bear, and believe it or not, a bear can even kill big pigs.

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