She seems to be having fun in the rain. The weather forecast for our local area is not great for most of the weekend. Today is a full on wash out, tomorrow and Sunday, it will be cloudy, and we will likely see some rain each day, and Monday is just bad.

So if you ditch the BBQ, what else could you do to entertain yourself? Believe it or not, I have some suggestions. You could:

  • Go to a movie you really don't want to see with a friend, talk the whole time, and bet on how long it will take before you get thrown out.
  • Go stand outside the Fox News Corporation headquarters and chant, "Fire Bill O'Reilly!" Videotape it and count the amount of people that don't know he's already been fired. You got yourself a viral video right there.
  • Go online and give scathing reviews to companies that have been out of business for years. 
  • Take your fish out of the fish tank, put 'em in a plastic bag filled with water, and try and return them to a local pet store. You can claim that they have exhibited unacceptable behavior in your home.
  • Find out where your local Bingo game is, go there, and shout "Bingo!" every time they call a number. See how long before the old guard rips you apart like a pack of wild hyenas.
  • Take your cat to the dog park.
  • Invite a group of friends that you have known for years over for dinner. After a few hours, tell them you have an important question to ask them. When they are all paying close attention, propose a group sex session. Let things get real uncomfortable and tell them it was a joke. If they call your bluff, be prepared for things to get real uncomfortable, real fast.

What we should all really do is grab the umbrella, head to the cemetery and honor some of our fallen veterans.

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