Once and for all, now more than ever, we need to know which is more sanitary, the air dryer or paper towels? The answer to this question is in the wind, the debate is filled with hot air and partial information. One day there are study results that suggest hand towels are more sanitary and the next, the air dryer is. This argument is akin to whether eggs are good for you and no one resides in the gray, all answers are declared with great confidence.

The coronavirus has America more paranoid than a virgin-lunged teen who took his first blast off the PVC pipe in the parking lot of a Phish concert. This means that information like this, that used to be pointless matters to us all. I'm not personally all that scared but I like to have the numbers in my favor, why not get the little things right if you can?

Let's square this away and get the answer in an efficient manner. Meaning, let's find the most reliable source that has determined one is better than the other. Instead of sending "fear factor" stats like using a hand dryer gives you more germs than licking a broken toilet seat IN a dumpster. Keep in mind, the stakes are high so let's do the world a favor and get this right. GO!


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