The New York Yankees host the Oakland A's at Yankee Stadium tomorrow night in a one game Wild Card event. Up for grabs is the chance to advance to a five game big boy playoff series with the Boston Red Sox. The Yankees have yet to announce their starting pitcher.

Let's get some things clear right now, this one game playoff is exciting but if you lose, you were never really in the playoffs. It's disappears like magic and no one will ever remember you are there. It's like the first time you ever put a 20 dollar bill into a slot machine and you were amazed to see how it was here and then gone.

I have fluid expectations for team as the year goes on. The season is 162 games long so I am wide open to changing my mind on what I expect from this team. Here is where I am at with this team, win this game against the A's, beat the Red Sox in the next series and if they lose the next one, I'll still consider this season a success.

Here are the keys to victory against the A's:

  • Score more runs than the A's

I've had it with listening to explanations of why they cannot play better than a .500 ball club, I'm worn out over analyzing who MIGHT pitch the one game playoff and I do not wanna hear who needs to step up, who is due for a hot bat. It's enough already. This team needs to behave and play up to their level. This is young team, loaded with bats,go do it already. SMASH HOME RUNS, LEAVE NO DOUBT, GET SOME, GET A LITTLE!!!!!!

Trust me, I'm hungover too, we gotta suck it up and put one in the end zone

That game did not work out the way they wanted so maybe it's not the most appropriate clip to use here but it gets me fired up.


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