Ethan and I have had meals in other countries together, we have had dinner at my house, his house, my parents house, and never once had both us and our wives together for a meal?

Mindy and my wife Erica have met, of course, but that seems odd to me that we have not gathered for a meal. Keep in mind, I was married once before, but even then we never got together as a foursome. So tonight, we will gather at my house and break bread. Sounds fun, right? Sort of. You have to consider my presence.

I have already been spoken to by my wife and Ethan that I should behave. I am 38-years-old, what could I do to ruin this? Better question: what COULD I do to ruin this? I mean, if they want to shine a light on me, I might as well give em a show.

I will need the standard "ruin the night" toolbox items, which include but are not limited to:

  • Alcohol
  • Fire
  • A lack of clothing
  • Hookers
  • Undesirables
  • Political rant

That pretty much does it. Wish our families luck, and don't miss the night recap on the Ethan and Lou morning show at 6:15.

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