Danbury used to have a solid reputation for its nightlife.

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Over the years, the Hat City had places like Tuxedo Junction, Yesterday's, Boppers, 11 Ives, Mambos and Bluu. It was a place that had a ton of options for young people and now, not so much. There are a handful of bars/restaurants that do a great job of transforming their space for after-hours but certainly nothing that would be categorized as a club. What if you just want to drink and dance?

I found out Danbury is about to get its first new nightclub in a long time. It's called The Roxy and this is how they describe their experience:

"The ROXY is the Danbury area’s premier Music Hall and Night Club. Featuring Live music of all genres and the best DJs to get you up and dancing. A space created for music lovers to see some of the newest local bands as well as top talent from across the country. You never know who might decide to join us on stage. Two full bars, VIP area to celebrate that special occasion. Private rental of entire venue with full catering available." 

The Roxy is having its grand opening celebration on Saturday (12/02/23) at 40 Mill Plain Road with music from NYC DJ Vinnie Campisi. Campisi posted the event to his Facebook writing:

"New club opening this weekend, The Roxy in Danbury. I’m DJing opening night, soft opening and the first Saturday night this sat 12/2. In the 90’s I DJ’d the NYC Roxy so why not do The Roxy CT. The plan is Friday nights will be DJ only, Saturdays will be bands and DJ. See you this Saturday night!"

NOTE: The grand opening is all weekend so while DJ Vinnie Campisi performs on Saturday, the doors are open on Friday (12/01/23). 

The Roxy Facebook
The Roxy Facebook

The Roxy will have two full bars, a DJ booth and a VIP area.


Their website provides some FAQ's that will help you plan your evenings at the Roxy:

Where can I get tickets?

Tickets to shows are available at the door 1 hour before the show. Each Show will be at a different price.

What is the Cost?

If the evening's entertainment is a DJ/Dance party, then admission for that night will be a small cover charge.

Is This an All Ages Club?

Age requirements are 21 and over unless otherwise specified.

What is the Dress Code?

Neat and proper attire is required. No hats, shorts, sandals, jerseys, tank-tops or sleeveless shirts.


Personally, DJ music is not my thing but I'm told that is not all they do. The word is, this club will also feature local and national bands of all genres. I don't know about you but this sounds like some really good news. For more information check out The Roxy on Facebook or their website.

I love that Danbury is growing, I love that new businesses are opening but all of the action is on Mill Plain Road. When are we going to make Downtown exciting again!? We need some hype downtown, we need a reason, any reason to go to Main Street.

Let's see if they are ready for some of this sweet action.

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