Delis are a busy place, and the last person you'd expect to see in line waiting to order is someone like Adam Sandler.

Who is that masked man? Even the mask didn't fool Marisol Ballejo of Fred 06825 in Fairfield. "I thought when he walked in, it might be him, but once he spoke, I knew right away".

Fred Kaskowitz, owner of Fred 06825, told he had it all figured out too once Sandler spoke.

By happenstance, he walked into the store. We recognized him and had a nice conversation and took a couple of photos. When he opened up his mouth to talk, that's when we knew it was him. His voice was a dead ringer.

Fred also told us, "I'm thrilled he came in, it's been a crazy couple of days. It was a very fun thing to happen, especially during these difficult times we've had with the pandemic."

So, just what was Adam Sandler doing in Fairfield, and why did he stop at the deli? Kaskowski mentioned that Sandler was heading to Philadelphia with his parents and stopped by to pick up food to break his Yom Kippur fast.

So just what did Sandler order? According to Fred, Adam wanted turkey meatballs, sweet and sour peppers, and panko crusted chicken, and as a token of good luck, they even threw in a free brownie.   After ordering, and a little conversation, the last thing that Sandler did before he left was to use the rest room. See, even though he's Hollywood, he's not much different then we are. By the way, this was the first celebrity visitor at Fred 06825.

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