Another heinous crime takes place in Connecticut. Can a Fitbit help to bring an accused murderer to justice?

This story plays out like a Soap Opera, albeit a tragic one, with a very real and horrific murder involved.

In a report from, accused killer, Richard Dabate of Ellington Connecticut, has been removed as executor of his wife's estate, the woman he's been charged with murdering. Connie Debate was shot in the head in their Ellington home in December of 2015.

A probate judge has frozen the couple's assets and has appointed a guardian to represent the interests of their 8 and 10-year-old sons.

If you're not familiar with the case, it is the stuff Soap Operas are made of. According to reports, Richard Dabate had a pregnant girlfriend at the time of his wife's murder. He told police that someone broke into his home. He claimed he struggled with the intruder, but was subdued by him, and then his wife was shot and killed by the masked intruder.

The Hartford Courant goes on to report that Dabate told police his wife was going to help co-parent the baby, but later said the girlfriend's pregnancy was unplanned. He also promised his girlfriend he was getting divorced.

Ah, yes -- the devil in the details, and how a Fitbit helped to possibly seal his fate.

In a surprising twist, reported by a timeline was set by digging in to Mrs. Dabate's Fitbit use. Not something that is commonly used as a tool in investigations I would think, but it appears that over the course of time police were able to set a time line of Mrs.Dabate's movements the morning of her death and things didn't jive with her husbands claims.

So many layers to this tragic tale, not only for the couple's children, but also for the girlfriend's baby that was born last year. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Connie's family and friends.

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