I'm from Brewster, NY so I know that not much happens there but if you go by Tik-Tok, there is only one, single-thing to do, go to Las Mananitas.

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I was at Las Mananitas this past weekend, I love it and I'm not alone. Apparently the atmosphere, food and vibe play reallt well on Tik-Tok because if you type #brewsterny you get almost all videos from Las Mananitas, like this one from @_Chianny_

@_chianny_ We had a great time! sorry my mami’s habichuelas are just top tier but the chicken i ordered was delicious #lasmananitas #brewster #bdaydinner ♬ Envolver - Anitta

I had my birthday there once and I didn't get those fancy-ass VIP, velvet rope bottle- service candles. What's up with that? Then there this one from @renetenesaca

@renetenesaca Las Mananitas Brewster NY! #westchester #discover #discoverwestchester #brewster #lasmananitas #foodtiktok #latino #yhlqmdlg #uvst ♬ Party - Bad Bunny & Rauw Alejandro

They loved the guacamole and salmon.

@hoppy_eating shared this review

@hoppy_eating girls night #aejeanshavefun #ctfoodie #nyfoodie #lasmananitas #mexicanfood #fyp #nyrestaurants #brewster #foodtiktok ♬ Mexican Hat Dance - Party Music

They said you'll look like a pig after eating but, "who cares?" @marthaart posted this one.

@_marthaart #lasmananitas #brewsterny #newyork #drinks ♬ you should see me in a crown - Billie Eilish

Proving it's a great place for a one person photo shoot.

@monimonzz1 shared another review.

@monimonzz1 📍 Las Mañanitas, Brewster, NY #mexican #fyp #fypシ #foryou #parati #restaurant #review #goodrestaurants #mexicanrestaurant #restaurantemexicano #ny #brewster #restaurantemexico ♬ Lazy Sunday - Official Sound Studio

This proves Las Mananitas is popular with everyone who goes, and robots have serious problems pronouncing the name of the restaurant correctly. @lifewitbaddied shared this video.

@lifewitbaddied 📍Las Mañanitas | Brewster, NY #LIKEABOMBSHELL #foodie #foodblogger #restaurantreview #westchesterfood #foodtiktok ♬ original sound - Devon Ciraolo

They really captured the shots that give you the best idea of what the place looks like, if you've never been there. They also chose the world's worst song.

It's not just Tik-Tok that loves Las Mananitas, it's Instagram too.

Everyone likes it for a reason, it's awesome.

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