AC/DC alumni Brian Johnson and Phil Rudd have reportedly been photographed together sharing a light-hearted moment outside of the Warehouse Studios complex in Vancouver. If it's new, the picture appears to support rumors that a new AC/DC album is being recorded, which began after Rudd and guitarist Stevie Young were reported to have been seen together in the city.

The Australian-based group have recorded their last three studio albums - 2000's Stiff Upper Lip, 2008's Black Ice and 2015's Rock or Bust - at the same studio. It should be noted that the guitarist Angus Young has not been mentioned in any of these reported sightings.

The picture can be seen embedded in the tweet above, and was first posted over at, run by Steve Newton, who wrote: “A few days ago I posted a blog reporting that Phil Rudd and Stevie Young had been spotted in downtown Vancouver. A lot of folks seemed to think it was ‘fake news’, and wanted photographic proof. Well, here ya go. Vancouver resident (and hardcore AC/DC fan) Crystal Lambert has an apartment located near Warehouse Studios in the neighborhood of Gastown, and she and longtime friend Glenn Slavens have been keeping an eye on the studio’s outside deck, where various band members seemingly retreat to get some air, use the barbie, and drink coffee (or perhaps Jack Daniels) from white mugs.”

Both Johnson and Rudd had been removed from the lineup following the recording of Rock or Bust. Rudd, who encountered legal problems related to drug use, was replaced by returning member Chris Slade, while Axl Rose took over from Johnson when he encountered serious hearing problems. Rudd later stated his intention to get his old job back while Johnson proved he was still able to sing in concert, although his ability to repeatedly and safely perform on a high-volume arena or stadium stage might remain an issue.

Earlier this year Rose Tattoo singer Angry Anderson reported that sole original AC/DC member Angus Young was writing a new album with Rose in mind. The band’s future had been in doubt after the death of leader Malcolm Young, who’d retired three years earlier, and the retirement of longtime bassist Cliff Williams. Rudd, among many others, openly wondered if the touring lineup could even be called AC/DC anymore.

“Could it be that Rudd and Johnson are chuckling because they just recorded the best AC/DC tune since ‘Back in Black’?” Newtown said of the photo. “I’d like to think so.”

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